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Dispatch from CascadiaJS 2013

Every once in a while we get to pop our heads above the surface and take a look around. For the past I-don't-know-how-long, I've been heads down working away. When I scored a ticket to Cascadia.js, I was happy to know that I would have a forced breath of air. Even if it was all the way in November.

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Inspiration Tiny Ferry to Granville Island
Inspiration Vancouver Canada Place

Truly simple video chat and screen sharing for groups. No plugins. No signup or payment required. Anonymous. Peer-to-peer. Build with WebRTC. Super cool.

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I just backed Tessel - an internet-connected microcontroller programmable in Javascript!

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Why I Play Video Games

Although I love playing video games, I still feel like I could be spending the time being more production. We have this guilt discussion at Creative Soapbox even though we have a Wii (that we hardly use). I knew there was a good argument for them! Thanks Jack McDade, creator of Statmatic.

Five Years as a Soapboxer

This month marks my 5th anniversary as a soapboxer. Five years is the longest I have held the same job. The US financial crisis is 5 years old. So is Evernote. In 2008, Lady Gaga's first studio album was blasting up the charts. Barack Obama was elected and Microsoft was trying to take over Yahoo. OK, well now this is all sounding like very recent history. But in the web world, 5 years is on an exponential curve. I remember looking in the phone book for web design agencies in Boise and reading ActionScript books. But it was a chance encounter that delivered me to the doorstep of Creative Soapbox.

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Inspiration The Capital Building, Richmond Virginia
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