Project Update - Pearson ERPI

Our client, Pearson ERPI, attended an educational trade show last week in Quebec, the Association quebecoise des enseignantes et des enseignants du primaire (l'AQEP). They showcased, among other things, an application that we have been working on for a year. You can read more about it in our portfolio.

In short, it's an educational application that teachers and students use in the classroom on a SMART Board. That's it below on the blown-out big screen.

alt Pearson ERPI at l'AQEP with their product Alphabétik

They gave some presentations showcasing the functionality of the application. Here is one about Alphabétik, language activities for first and second graders. Skip to about 2/3 to see him use all the tools:

Here is another one of Décimale, math skills for third and fourth graders. Skip to about 6:30 to see the Interactive Number Line Tool. I am capitalizing that because it was a challenging one. But as she says, it turned out to be "phénoménal."

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