Inspiration Can't get enough back porch view
Inspiration View from the walking trail, Butte, MT
Inspiration Porch sunset
Inspiration Butte America

Adventure with a Safety Net

10 years is enough time to really be in a city. Perhaps enough time to just hit your stride and find your place, to make really good friends and contribute to the community. It's also about the time when you start getting the itch.

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Inspiration Boise Code Camp
Inspiration Hackfort
Inspiration MountainWest Javascript 2014

Nice, quick Apple tip: opt+shift+vol± for 1/4 increments. Works on brightness too!

1 Second Every Day

I started this in December. I love telling the story of each day in 1 second. It's already been fun to look back on the last month.

Project Update - Pearson ERPI

Our client, Pearson ERPI, attended an educational trade show last week in Quebec, the Association quebecoise des enseignantes et des enseignants du primaire (l'AQEP). They showcased, among other things, an application that we have been working on for a year. Watch some videos of the application in action!

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Inspiration Feast!
Inspiration Welding