Onward, and thank you

At 5:00pm on Friday, January 11, I will no longer be a Soapboxer. Well, that’s not entirely true. I will no longer work at Creative Soapbox, but in a way I will always be a Soapboxer. As I step out this door, the lessons, mistakes, triumphs and experiences that I shared with everyone I’ve worked with in the past three and a half years will go with me.

When I started at Creative Soapbox, wide-eyed and fresh out of design school, I knew there was something special about this company. There is something special about the way we work with clients to help them solve problems. We spend time, company time, envisioning ways that design could be used to make the world a better place. We aspire simultaneously both to the mavens of our industry and to the trail we blaze for ourselves.

As I move on to new challenges, I’m thankful for the knowledge that was shared with me by my colleagues and peers and the experiences that were shared with me by our clients. Regardless the category you fall into, I’m happy to consider you my friend as well.

To 2013,
Steve Norell

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