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Wevorce is a web-based application that helps couples divorce amicable. It was created to help families address all of the elements of ending a marriage: emotional, financial, and legal. Wevorce’s five-step process ensures that kids come first, costs remain affordable, and everyone stays out of court. It’s a whole new way of approaching divorce through technology.

Co-founders Jeff Reynolds and Michelle Crosby successfully exited Y-Combinator and obtained a first round of seed funding from a few well known investor groups. They came to Creative Soapbox to polish the positioning of the service, rebuild the software supporting the process, and prepare the system for nation-wide rollout.


Design and build a Web-based App, Ruby on Rails system for facilitating amicable divorces.


A state-of-the-art Ruby on Rails application that enables an attorney-mediator (Wevorce Architect) to build out a Parenting Plan and Marital Settlement  Agreement for a proven path forward.





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Date Completed

March 2015

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Keeping views in sync

The software platform includes four major parts to the application: in-meeting slides, mediator in-meeting control, client dashboard, and mediator dashboard. Through our agile approach, we broke the project into a series of design and development sprints. Each sprint consisted of User Stories and Acceptance Critera along with supporting material such as user flows and detailed mockups.

Preserving peace through technology

When is comes to divorce, the working environment becomes very emotional. With the Wevorce platform, it was important that the technology performed seamlessly across devices, from the administration to the presentation interface providing real-time updates. Working with the Wevorce team, we examined each interaction within our design sprints to make the complex simple. The end result is a user experience that balances structure with approachability through the use of subtle, warm colors and simplistic interaction elements.

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