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Pearson ERPI creates educational programming for elementary and middle school students in Canada. Visual Chefs (now Foster Made) enlisted Creative Soapbox as a partner to create the interactive, online component for Pearson's educational programming for French language comprehension and math. The application consists of activities and tools that allow students to drag and manipulate objects on multiple HTML5 canvases. Students use the application via an interactive SMART Board in the classroom.

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Develop a robust HTML5 application that would function across a variety of devices, including interactive whiteboards (smartboards).


An application build to handle multiple products from different grade levels and topics.



Date Completed

December 2013

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Application Framework Design and Development

To make Pearson's interactive ideas come to life, the application needs to employ modern browser technologies. The application uses the powerful javascript HTML5 canvas library Fabric.js and Backbone.js provides a bridge between the HTML interface and the canvas. Content is managed via flat JSON files and express.js—a web application framework for node.js—powers the API and application routes.

Content and Functionality

The application is built to handle multiple products for different grade levels and topics. Each product has its own rich graphics and multi-media content. The content for each product is vast and impressive. Alphabétik, language education activities for first and second graders, is comprised of over 350 activities, hundreds of audio files and thousands of images.

Students and teachers can use a variety of tools to draw, drag and resize objects, play audio clips, "scissor" and "glue" words and sentences, move and compare fractions and decimals on a number line and tons more.

Antenna Noise

We are so proud of this project! I really wanted to acknowledge your great contribution. Your professionalism, technical skills, availability, and kindness have played a key part in the success of this project. We had high expectations and we managed to make what we had in mind happen. We delivered on time, complete, and bug-free. That's a big accomplishment and it really builds trust between our editorial and technical teams (that don't always speak the same language)! I hope you enjoyed working on this project as much as we did, and we are looking forward to seeing more projects coming.

Charlotte Pivot

Media Content Editor at Pearson ERPI

Antenna Noise

The Future

We really enjoy working with Foster made to create this rich, interactive application. Pearson ERPI is a great client who understands technology and creates vibrant content that helps children learn. We continue to develop projects and tools for this application.

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