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Glanbia Nutritionals builds better product performance with best-in-class nutrition solutions to help solve functional challenges for foods, beverages, supplements, and more. Creative Soapbox has been working with Glanbia Nutritionals as a key creative partner since 2011. In 2016 Glanbia united three businesses into one, creating a united brand as Glanbia Nutritionals. Shortly after the Tenacity campaign was developed to differentiate and refine the marketing message. In late 2020 the Director of Corporate Marketing, Eric Borchardt, approached Creative Soapbox to take on a brand refresh to more closely unite the brand marketing with brand position.

The first order of business was to revisit the brand promise, tone of voice, and personality. Together with See Jane Branding we tackled the messaging first, writing several samples of copy to be used in communications materials. This content first approach directly aligned the brand's tone of voice with personality. It reinforced a reoccurring theme Eric had been pondering, "how to communicate less we and more you/us to their customers?". From this exercise the "We're built around you" campaign was born. The beauty of the phrase “Built Around You” is that it can mean distinct things to different people. It reaches across all audiences with personal and poignant potential. It reflects on collaboration and the drive to deliver the best solutions in any context. Built around you speaks to the Glanbia work and process, to the internal organization, and to external audiences.


The goal of the brand refresh was not to wipe out the work of the past but rather build on it and create a stronger foundation to move forward.


Creative Soapbox built upon the brand marketing from the previous refresh and reinvigorated the brand messaging, including the brand personality and voice. We developed a living brand guide for the organization to reference and maintain consistency.





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August 2022

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Built around you style guide

Glanbia Nutritionals is a large, global organization with several marketing branches managing the brand. To roll out the new brand we developed a comprehensive guide not only around usage but also the history and context of the Brand Story and Brand Architecture. This provided key ways to talk about the brand, it's products, and the Glanbia values. As part of the guide, Creative Soapbox established several templates as "quick starts" for typographic scale. Type scale, grid and layout guidelines strengthen the brand and provide consistency–something Glanbia strives for in all products. We designed the Glanbia Nutritionals Type Gauge Multi-Tool for the internal design team as an assistant to establish a rock star type and grid system. After developing several usage examples and guidelines, we developed a Gatsby website to function as a "living" style guide for the Glanbia team to reference.

Introducing the energy horizon

The Energy Horizon was conceived from the Glanbia brand history. Inspired by the elements of nature, it is an evolution of the Glanbia Nutritionals gleam, from the previous brand campaign, and harmonizes with the Glanbia plc brand work. It represents a warm, rising sun horizon as a metaphor to a fresh new day full of possibilities and promise. The intercepting bands represent the energy and interlocking service of all the Glanbia disciplines such as R&D, Procurement and Leadership. It represents the ever-present support of the Glanbia customers.

Antenna Noise

Antenna Noise

Continued Partnership

The Glanbia Nutritionals brand continues to stengthen and grow with a solid foundation from the "We're built around you." framework. Since the launch, we have completed several successful projects with Glanbia utilizing the updated brand marketing materials and guidelines.

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