ExpressionEngine CodeIgnitor Conference 2010

The ExpressionEngine CodeIgniter Conference 2010

Kelly Packer

May 26, 2010

We just got very excited. Next week, Justin and I will be hopping over to San Francisco (one of my favorite cities) to attend EECI2010, the ExpressionEngine CodeIgniter conference. It is a super combination of a MasterClass, hands-on workshops and a variety of fabulous speakers.

We couldn't pass up this opportunity to check in with all the brilliant people we met at the ExpressionEngine Roadshow last October and meet others we have only seen online or heard their voices over Skype. In between grabbing a burrito in the Mission and picking up some Northbeach Pizza, we will learn a ton about all the novel ways people are using ExpressionEngine to develop ingenious sites AND get a crash course in CodeIngniter.

The line-up of speakers is impressive and includes the most active and knowledgeable EE and CI developers from around the world. Just being in a room full of such smarties I am sure we will glean knowledge by osmosis alone. The setting itself is sure to spurn some inspirational genius, it's being held at Fort Mason, which is practically right under the Golden Gate Bridge.

It is an exciting time to work on the Web; Web technologies are advancing so fast. Part of the reason why I chose this profession is because I like to create and I like to figure out how things work. Conferences are a chance to exchange ideas with people working on some of the same problems. Together we can accomplish more than we can working in our own little vacuums. The inspiration we gain from meeting up with our peers and mentors catalyzes innovation in our work.

I finally have a moment to free my mind and anticipate the coming week. Look for a report in the coming weeks. When we get back we plan on finally starting a Boise ExpressionEngine user's group, an idea we have been kicking around for quite while. If you are interested let us know.

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