Another year of ExpressionEngine, another conference

ExpressionEngine still hits that sweet spot for a mid-range site.

Kelly Packer

October 10, 2012

We have been developing sites with ExpresionEngine since 2008. And while we may use Django, WordPress or Rails, depending on the needs of the project, ExpressionEngine still hits that sweet spot for a mid-range site. It is powerfully flexible and with 1,000+ add-ons, we can quickly bend it to the project's needs.

Since we started using ExpressionEngine, we recognized the need to connect with other EE developers and learn as much as we could about the system. To that end, we have attended every US EE conference since the first one in 2010 (and even an EE Roadshow in Seattle in 2009). We always come back to real life armed with new knowledge and a reenergized spirit.

Last year all four Soapboxers went to New York city to attend. We had a blast and build a little site to track the journey: This year the conference is in a resort outside of Austin, Texas. Due to timing and logistical issues, this year we are just sending one representative. But we thought it was important to be part of the conversation and reconnect with the community.

With the web advancing at warp speed, a year can change everything. ExpressionEngine and its community are constantly evolving. This year in particular seems to be pivotal. We'll know more about it's future next week!

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