Info Case Study: Johnny's Fitclub Fitness
Boise, Idaho
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Strength in Visual Branding

Johnny Escamilla is a fitness trainer in Boise, Idaho. He offers results-driven fitness boot camps at locations across the Treasure Valley. Last year, Johnny opened a brick-and-morter 24-hour fitness facility on Apple Street in Southeast Boise. There was some fragmentation and confusion with the already existing brand. Since the boot camp program had been well established, the fitness facility leaned heavily on that brand. This created a lack of stability and a confusion of hierarchy. That’s when Johnny approached Creative Soapbox to help whip is brand into shape. Of course, we started by making a plan.

Hiring Soapbox to re brand my company has taken my brand recognition to the next level. Having them take the time to make sure everything was in complete order from color schemes to the font of my logo ensured me I was dealing with real professionals. Johnny's Fit Club Fitness is very thankful to Steve, Justin, Ryan and Kelly for helping us take our company to new heights.Johnny Escamilla

Research & Discovery

We began by gathering all current Fitclub brand assets, demographics and competitors into a discovery document. This gave us a snapshot of what we had to work with (kind of like a ‘before’ picture). We also defined the core heirarchy of the Fitclub brand, a key to communicating the brand message with clarity.


Brand Hierarchy

Visual Design

With our plan in hand, we started sketching out the visual identity. The logo was built to be flexible, and easily applied across the different sub-brands that would be involved.

Fitclub identity sketches

Rhythm & Repetition

To give the brand family an anchor, we needed to create a wordmark for Fitclub that could both incorporate into a lockup, or stand strong on its own. To accomplish this, we designed custom lettering that emphasized speed, agility and rhythm; core traits of a fitness program.

Lockups & Sub Brands

Through our research, we discovered that Johnny’s name was well-known, and a huge factor for brand recognition. We decided that it was important to play on that recognition by adding “Johnny’s” to the company name. Having Johnny ‘sign’ the identity also adds a level of authenticity.

With the wordmark in place, we build additional features around the lockup that would both aide consistency and give opportunity to differentiate the different sub-brands using color, texture and icons.

The Website

The Website was a core marketing tool for Johnny’s Fitclub. We discovered that the audience was most likely to connect via the web, both at the Johnny’s Fitclub Website and through social media (Johnny had already been very active on Facebook, and we provided some direction on how to optimize that line of communication). Previously, there had been multiple Websites with little-to-no cross referencing or brand consistency. The new Website was designed to both contain the entire brand family, and also provide individual landings for each of the sub-brands. As with the different logo lockups, color and texture were utilized to differentiate the various sections of the site.

In order to give administrators the necessary access to manage the Website, we used ExpressionEngine for content management. ExpressionEngine allowed us to organize all of the content areas and create dynamic and intuative cross references between different sections, and make it easy for site admins to log in and post or update content without touching a single line of code. The Fitness and Bootcamp registration process is also managed in ExpressionEngine, with dynamic forms that adjust to different prices and parameters.

Interactive map
Customized map to show Fitness & Boot Camp locations based on category.
Testimonial feature area
Dynamic features to highlight various content sections, such as testimonials.

Website Interface & Control Panel

Brand Identity Guidelines

Brands are kind of like Gremlins. Follow the rules and they can be quite adorable. Break the rules and things get out of hand fast. That is where the brand guide comes in. Consistency is key, and the brand guide lets the user know how they should be presenting the identity. This document covers everything from correct font and color use to geometry and placement on stationery, and even gives examples of things to avoid. Like getting the logo wet, for instance.

Johnny's Fitclub Brand Guide

Brand Guide

Exterior Signage & Environment

External signage
Exterior sign at the Southeast Boise location.

Since Johnny’s Fitclub is a 24-hour fitness center, they needed a nice bright sign to light the way for the 3am crowd. We took the dimensionality already present in the logo lockup and exploited that to create the layered effect on the sign. We also provided some interior signs and motivational posters for the fitness center.

Motivational posters
Motivational Posters.

Apparel & Promotional Materials

In order to give people a way to connect and share the brand, we suggested a variety of apparel and promotional touchpoints.

Fitclub Apparel