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Speak For The Trees

Seventy-six painters, sculptors, photographers, glass and conceptual artists from Ireland to Argentina, Korea to the United States, have come together in an inspiring book to answer a call by Dr. Seuss (in his 1971 classic, The Lorax) to: "Speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues." Featured artists include such world-renowned figures as David Hockney, conceptual artist Yoko Ono, pop-surrealist Mark Ryden, and international-environmental artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Andria Friesen, owner of Friesen Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho, approached Creative Soapbox to create a website and e-commerce solution that would showcase and reflect the simple elegance of the book and serve as the main point of purchase. With this is mind, we created an inviting design with clear points of action. We utilized FoxyCart to create a seamless shopping cart and a streamlined, secure checkout process. Creative Soapbox worked closely with Andria and her gallery staff to ensure that every detail of the site was thoughtful and unique. To give Andria and her staff the ability to update the site, we put the whole thing in our favorite CMS, ExpressionEngine.

Since traffic to this site is mainly based on word-of-mouth and cross-links, we implemented social media and sharing options. This included badges for artists and bloggers to include an image and link on their website, an Email-a-Friend form, Facebook integration and RSS feeds. A Campaign Monitor email capture form was employed to keep customers and fans informed during the pre-order period and about future happenings.

Creative Soapbox was highly recommended to me by a well respected writer/ editor and upon my personal interview with the company they over-whelming and genuinely understood the concept and the inherent essence of the book. The Speak For The Trees website that resulted exceeded my expectations, on every level and with every feature. I am in further appreciation of Creative Soapbox given that everyone on staff is consistently a joy to work with.Andria Friesen
Owner of the Friesen Gallery in Sun Valley
Sun Valley, Idaho
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