Website Redesign

McKenzie-Mohr & Associates, Inc.

McKenzie-Mohr & Associates contracted Creative Soapbox to work with their existing Web developer, Customated, in the redesign of the CBSM website to improve usability, expand functionality, incorporate new technology, increase Search Engine Optimization and update the outdated user interface. The new site was approached from the perspective of the user, reorganizing the site structure, layout and navigation to make it more accessible and inviting. The home page delivers an engaging and simplified user interface that brings the content to the user instead of forcing visitors to dig for it.

The site consists of five resources for those working to foster sustainable behaviors: conservation, energy efficiency, transportation, waste reduction, and water efficiency. The site includes searchable databases of articles, case studies, turnkey strategies and discussion forums for sharing information and asking questions of others in the community. Once a user completes the free registration, the website will facilitate a sophisticated personalization of features unique to user preferences and areas of interest.

Administrators and non-technical editors are presented with their own interface, integrated seamlessly into the public website. A comprehensive content management system enables authorized nontechnical staff members to manage and edit various sections of the site. Privileges will be set to allow each user access into certain aspects of the database.

The entire website was developed in compliant HTML and CSS to separate presentational, mark-up, and database code. This method ensures quick upload and download times while providing consistent performance across a variety of browsers and Internet devices while being accessible to those with disabilities. The use of standards based HTML and CSS will also establish a solid foundation for future standards compliance and website expansion.

New Brunswick, Canada
Environmental & Social Change
Website Redesign