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McKenzie-Mohr & Associates

The rising tide of environmental consciousness continues to cover the global landscape. Environmental Psychologist, Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr trains organizations to raise their own standards of sustainability and improve practices by instigating change from within.

McKenzie-Mohr & Associates (MMA), Dr. McKenzie-Mohr’s company, organizes and presents community-based social marketing workshops across the world. We have worked with MMA to help build a presence on the web since 2007. Since then, we’ve seen their needs grow beyond content management systems and off-the-shelf shopping carts. It was time for a custom solution.

Going Global

MMA needed to allow people to register for workshops being held in different countries, they needed to accept payments in separate currencies and they needed to give visibility and control to MMA’s business partners. On top of all the financial requirements, they needed workshops to be discoverable by location and they needed registration to be clean and seamless. And, oh yeah, it needed to be responsive.

We designed and tailor-made a custom Ruby on Rails web application to fit. The application integrates with the venerable Braintree, leveraging their power to connect to multiple merchant accounts, to accept payments in Canadian, Australian and US dollars.

User Interaction and Design

The application also features a navigable map which allows users to explore and find workshops near them from any device. Once a workshop has been selected, the user is guided through a charming, interactive registration process. Payment is as simple as an Amazon impulse.

The design and branding of the application are cut from the same fabric as our previous work with cbsm.com, which allows us to integrate nicely with the rest of the MMA ecosystem. Seamless.

The Final Product

McKenzie-Mohr & Associates came to us with a tall order. We delivered an application that could handle the demanding financial complexities of a global business model, yet still provide an engaging user experience across any device.

New Brunswick, Canada
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Environmental & Social Change
Web Application