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    Dispatch from CascadiaJS 2013

    Every once in a while we get to pop our heads above the surface and take a look around. For the past I-don't-know-how-long, I've been heads down working away. When I scored a ticket to Cascadia.js, I was happy to know that I would have a forced breath of air. Even if it was all the way in November.

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    Notes & Tips From A SXSW First Timer

    As a SXSW newb I looked online for clues about how my SXSW experience would be. I didn't find anything about my morning bad coffee and Eggo breakfasts in my sketchy motel room or the chance conversation in the shuttle with an illustrator from the New Yorker who had sketched Mel Gibson or my love affair with brisket. You just have to go experience it. But along the way I did figure some things out, maybe these tips will help you through the gauntlet that is SXSW.

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    ExpressionEngine CodeIgnitor Conference 2010

    We just got very excited. Next week, Justin and I will be hopping over to San Francisco (one of my favorite cities) to attend EECI2010, the ExpressionEngine CodeIgniter conference. It is a super combination of a MasterClass, hands-on workshops and a variety of fabulous speakers.

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    The Elephant at EECI 2012

    Another ExpressionEngine conference is in the books. Another great event. I got inspired, met a ton of new people and caught up with old friends. But this year did leave a few unanswered questions.

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    Another year of ExpressionEngine, another conference

    The Creative Soapbox team has attended every ExpressionEngine conference since the first one in 2010 (and even an EE Roadshow in Seattle in 2009). And this year is no different, I am headed to Austin, Texas next week for EECI 2012. But this year is different. It feels like a pivotal moment for ExpressionEngine.

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