Meet the Intern

Meet the Intern. Chris. Chris knows how to kill it his first week at the Soapbox.

Step 1. Bring us a variety of delectable pastries.

Step 2. Meet with a client and do some very thorough research (which included eating a lot of Gouda). Then do a lot of ideation, package research, sketches, mood boards, and icon creation.

Step 3. Make us laugh. A lot.

Oh, and in week 2, make his ideas come to life and nail the client presentation. Not bad.

Last semester (Fall 2013), Chris Becker was a student in Justin’s Graphic Design Studio 5 course at BSU. In a class of talented students, Chris immediately displayed his passion for craftsmanship and learning. He has a knack for providing great input on projects while keeping the atmosphere fun, lively and energetic. A few weeks after the semester ended, Chris came blazing into our office with the same spark and passion for design as he demonstrated in school.

We are impressed by Chris's eye. He favors flat, simple, clean work with bold subjects front and center. See Aaron Draplin.

Chris hails from the small northern town of Sandpoint, Idaho. The landscape of the northwest is his muse and inspiration. He also does fun things like snowboard in a kilt and climb mountains. One must continue to be inspired after all.

Welcome to the Soapbox, Chris! We are excited to see what you create!

Check out some of Chris's work and track his progress on Dribbble.

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