The Newest Soapboxer: David Wheeler

Hi everybody! I’m David, fresh out of the gate with Creative Soapbox and very excited to be part of a team I think the world of.

I’ve been contracting with these fine folks for a little over a month, and tried to keep it under my hat that I was really just spending time confirming what I immediately expected—that I’d found a group of designers and developers with similar philosophies on work and life that I could really see myself hanging out with five days a week.

I grew up in the Treasure Valley (West end, out in Nampa) and moved to Boise 7 years ago, where I’ve mostly stayed. I started designing and developing web sites when I was 13—just a Boy scout learning that there was a better way to build Web sites than MS Publisher. Since then, I’ve continued as a self-taught, usually independently-contracting designer/developer. I’ve held positions emphasizing both ends of the spectrum at a number of local companies through the years.

In my off-time, I sometimes pick up roles in local theater productions and sometimes do remodeling/tinkery projects around my apartment.

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